Welcome to the Cedar Glen Community!


  • Modifications to the docks, including installation of dock lockers, boat hoists, etc., may not be made without prior written approval by the Association Manager.
  • All boat slips are assigned to specific condo owners. Tying up in an unauthorized slip at any time, or at the end of Dock 1,2,3 & 5 for more than one hour, may result in towing of the boat at the Owner’s expense. No boats should be tired to Dock 6, the PWC dock, at any time, since that particular dock is not constructed to withstand the weight of larger vessels.
  • Watercraft should be secured with a tie even when on a lift. It is important that the boat or PWC remain secured in the event that the lift malfunctions and unexpectedly lower.
  • Cedar Glen Association discourages the use of locks on lift control boxes. Lift controls need to be accessed during emergencies and should not be locked.
  • The storage and use of combustible material on docks is strictly prohibited.
  • Fueling boats, jet skis or any motorized vehicle is strictly prohibited on the docks. Any infraction of this rule will result in a minimum $100 fine.
  • Dock storage lockers (limited to one) shall be white fiberglass chest type, no larger than 96″x 24″ and kayak storage brackets shall be located on the shore side finger of the slip (kayak brackets preferred above the dock lockers should be secured with clamps and not screwed into the support posts). Any hoist boxes or related equipment must also be located on the shore side finger of the slip.
  • When fishing from the docks, respect the property of others by not sitting on their boats, dock lockers, etc.
  • The storage of personal watercraft is prohibited on the fingers of the docks at all times.
  • ALL HOISTS must be free floating with NO ROUGH WATER STOPS. Please contact the property manager for a list of boat lifts currently approved for installation.
  • Written notification of boat lift installation, relocation or adjustments need to be submitted to the Board and approved, so the proper grounding can be included in the process. The initial grounding of all docks were covered by the association, grounding that follows that date will be at the Owner’s expense and must be completed by certified personnel.
  • A dock roll up screen in 95% gray has been approved for boat slips but must have written approval by the Board prior to installation.
  • Please use trash cans for Trash Only – NO lumber and/or batteries. Please use recycle bins for aluminum cans only.

NOTE: No one except authorized personnel are allowed on the roofs of docks; therefore, jumping, flipping, or diving off of the dock roofs is NOT allowed. Absolutely no exceptions.